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The History of the Carey Family of Guernsey A.D. 1393 - 2010
A comprehensive site providing ancestral family biographies, portrait gallery, charts and walk-through index.

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Created August 1 1999

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13 June 2009

Carey Careye Carre Family Tree Genealogy Site

Welcome to Careyroots
- the genealogy site of the Carey Family of Guernsey, Channel Islands, British Isles.
There are over 110,000 members of the Carey / Cary family in the world today. All can claim their origins from three distinct branches - the English, Irish and Guernsey families.
Listed on the Index Page are all the known Carey's and their families in the Guernsey branch from A.D. 1393 to present day which amount to about 3000 individuals.

If you are unable to find individuals on the site relating to your particular family, I have added many links to other sites also providing information about members of the Carey family from which you may find a connection.
Please note - I am unable to provide further details about Carey family members other than the information listed on the site.
Hope you enjoy the site.

Paul Dobrée - Carey

The Origins of the Carey Family of Ireland by Patrick Carey is also now included.
The Origins of the Cary Family of England
detailing the beginnings of the Cary family of England.

All text and photographs © Careyroots unless otherwise stated

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My Own Tree

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Please sign the Carey Guestbook

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Updates 2010
Due to information provided by family members and further research over the last year, another fifty family members have now been added to the site bringing the Guernsey Carey family records right up to date
- 13 June 2009.