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Nicholas Careye A20


Born. 1506 - Buried. 25 Aug 1577
Town Church, St Peter Port

son of Nicholas Careye
and Katherine Perrin


(1) Collette Martin
daughter of Jean Martin

(2) Anne Naont

The Burning of Elizabeth Cawches 1556


Nicholas Careye
Pierre Careye
Jean Careye
Collette Careye

Signed on 16 July 1556
Signed on 16 July 1556

The Inscription of the Etching reads:
The Burning of Katherine Cawches, and her two Daughters in the Isle of Garnesy

Nicholas succeeded his father as Jurat on his death in 1535.
During his term as Jurat, he was involved in the trial of three women, Katherine Cawches and her two daughters, Guellemine Gilbert, Perotine Massey for heresy which took place on July 16th, 1556 - the method of execution being burned at the stake, during which Perotine Massey gave birth to a male child. On being pulled from the flames, the Bailiff, Helier Gosselin, gave orders that it should be thrown back into the fire.
The trial took place under the reign of Queen Mary and her husband, Phillip of Spain in order to please the Ecclesiastical Court.
However, on the accession of Queen Elizabeth, the brother of one of the tried women, petitioned to the Queen. Nicholas, together with the other members of the court were sent to England for trial. On Jun 26, 1562 they humbled craved a pardon for their 'erroneous judgement', to which the Queen issued a general pardon for all involved.
On Oct 20, 1563, he bought a mill for 4 ecus and did not seek re-election as Jurat.
He was buried on Aug 25, 1577 at the Town Church.
In his will, he bequeathed 50 trs. for the repair of the Church of St Peter Port and the enlargement of the clock, 20 sols sterling to the Poor-Box.


Foxe's Actes and Monuments (1610)
Book of Martyrs

A tragicall, lamentable, and pitiful history, full of most cruell & tyrannicall murther, done by the pretensed catholicks, upon three women and an infant: to wit, the mother, her two daughters, and the childe, in the Isle of Garnsey, for Christes true religion, the yeare of our Lord, July 18 1556.

Among all and singular Histories touched in this book before, as there be many pitifull, diuers lamentable, some horrible and tragicall: so is there none almost either in cruelty to be compared or so farre off from al compassion and sense of humanitie, as this mercilesse fact of the Papists, done in the Isle of Garnsey, upon three women and an infant, whose names be these as follow.

Katherine Cawches, the mother.
Guellemine Gilbert, the daughter.
Perotine Massey, the other daughter.
An Infant, the sonne of Perotine.

But before I come to the purpose of this storie, it shall be necesary, for the better explaining of the matter, to beginne first with the circumstances, whereupon the first originall and occasioned rise of this tragicall cruelty. The case was this. On the 17. day of May. an. 1556 in the Isle of Garnsey, which was a member of England, in a towne there called S. Peters Port was a naughty woman named Vincent Gosset, who being evill disposed, (went the day aforesaid) to the house of one Nicholas le Conronney, dwelling in the towne of the said S. Peters Port, about ten of the clock at night, & there taking the key of the house (lying under the doore) entred into a chamber toward the street where she espying a cup of silver within a cubbord take it away, and so conveied her selfe out of the house againe. Who immediatly after this fact done (whether by counsel or by what occasion els, I have not to say) brought the said cup to one Perotine Massey, an honest woman dwelling in the said towne, desiring her to lend her vi.d. upon the same.

Perotine seeing the cup or goblet, and suspecting (as trueth was) the same to bee stollen, answered that she would not take it: yet neuerthelesse having knowledge of the owner thereof; tooke it, to restore it againe to whome it did appertain, and to the end she should not carry it to another, gave her then presently vi.d. Where moreouer is to be noted, that Thomas Effart saith and testifieth, that knowledge was given to the said Perotine to Conronney touching the stealing of his peece, who eftsoones vpon the misliking thereof attached to the said Vincent Gosset, of the trespasse. Who being apprehended and examined vpon the same, immediatly confessed the fact, desiring to have one sent with her (which was Collas de Loutre) with vi.d. to fetch againe the goblet, where it was: and so did.

The next day following, the kings officers beeing informed of the premisses by one Nicholas Cary of the said towne constable, assembled to justices there to inquire and examine further, as well upon the fact of Vincent Gosset, as upon other griefes and things there amisse. So that after declaration made by the officers and constable before the Justice, for that the said constable did report to have found certain vessell of Pewter in the house of the foresaid Perotine Massey (who then dwelt with her mother Katherin Cawches, and her sister Guillemine Guilbert) the which vessell did beare no mark, and expecially for that there was a Pewter dish, whereof the name was scraped out, their bodies vpon the same were attached, and put in prison, and their moveable goods taken by inventory. Within a few daies after these things thus done and past, these three silly women abiding thus in durance in the castle, made their supplication to the Justices to haue justice ministred vnto them, viz. If they had offended the law, then to let them have the law: if not, beseeching to grant them the benefit of subjects, &c. Which supplication put up, thereupon were they appointed to come to their answer the fifth day of June, in the year aforesaid. Upon which day, after straight examining of the matter and the honest answering of the cause by the said good woman, at the last they submitted them to the report of their neighbors; that they were no theeves, nor evill disposed persons, but lived truely and honestly, as became christian women to doe, the false and untrue report of their accusers notwithstanding.

So the cause being thus debated, after the inquirie made by the kings officers, they were found by their said neighbors not guilty of that they were charged with, but had lived alwaies as honest women among them: saving onely that to the commandements of holy church, they had not beene obedient, &c. Upon this triall, and verdit of the neighbors, it was in fine adjudged first that the said Vincent Gosset, being atteinted of felony and condemned for the same, should be whipped, and after her eare being nailed to the pillorie, should be banished out of the Isle without further punishment. And astouching the other three women, the mother with her two daughters, for their not comming to the church, they were returned prisoners again into the castle to the first of July. And thus far concerning the true discourse of this matter, withal the circumstances and apputtenance of the same in euery point as the case stoode, according to the faithful tenour, and testimony of the Garnseymen written with their own hands both in the French & English tong. Wherein you see what false surmised matter was pretended against these women, and nothing proved, and how by the attestation of their neighbors they were fully cleered of the fact, and should by the temporal court have bin dismissed, had not the spiritual clergy men picking matter of religion against them, exercised such extreamitie in persecuting these miserable prisoneers, that in no case they could escape their bloudy handes, till at length they had brought them (as you shall heare) to their final end. For after the time of this declaration aboue mentioned made by the neighbours, wherby they were purged of all other thinges, and beeing then knowne of their not comming to the church, the bailiffes lieutenant and the Justice thinking the matter not to pertaine to them, but to the clergie, forthwith wrot their letters or Mandate vnder their signets to the Deane whose name was Jaques Amy, and Curates of the said Isle: The contents whereof here followeth. A letter sent from the Bailiffes lieutenant, and Iurates of Saint Peters Port, to the Deane and Curates of the Isle of Garnsey.

Maister Deane and Iustices in your Court and iurisdiction, after al amiable recommendations, pleaseth you to know that we are informed by the deposition of certain honest men, past before vs in maner of an inquiry: in the which inquiry Katherine Cawches & her two daughters have submitted themselues in a certaine matter criminall. Wherein we be informed that they haue been disobedient to the commandements, and ordinances of the church, in contemning & forsaking the masse and the ordinances of the same, against the wil & commandement of our Sovraigne Lord the king & the queene. Wherof wee send you the said matter, forasmuch as the matter is spirituall, to the end you may proceed therein after your good discretions, and as briefely as you can possible, & also that it perteined to your office, recomending you to God, the which giue you grace o do that pertaineth to right & iustice. Written the first day of the moneth of Iuly, the yeare of our Lord, 1556.

After these letters, and information thus addressed to Jaques Amy Deane, and to other of the clergie, the said women were againe conuented before the Justice aforesaid with his assistants. In the presence of whom they beeing examined of their faith, concerning the ordinances of the Romish church, made their answere that they would obey and keepe the ordinances of the king and queene, and the commandements of the church, notwithstanding that they had said and done the contrary in the time of K. Edward the 6. in shewing obedience to his ordinances and commandements before. After which answere taken, they were returned againe to prison, untill the other had an answere of their letter from the deane and his complices. During which time, the deane and curate gaue their information touching the said women, and deliuered the same to the Bailiffe and Jurates, condemning and reputing them for heretickes, the women neither hearing of any information, neither yet being ever examined at any time before of their faith, and religion. Wherupon when the said bailiffe & Jurates understood that the said deane & curats had not examined the women of their faith, would not sit in judgement on that day, but ordained the women to come first before the deane & curats to be examined of their faith. And so the officers at the commandement of the justices, did fetch and present them before the said deane and curates. The which being accomplished and done, they were examined apart severally one from another: After which examination they incontinently were returned againe into prison.

Then the xiiii. day of the said moneth of July, in the yeare aforesaid, after the examination aboue specified before Elyer Goffelin Bailiffe, in the presence of Thomas Deuick, Pierres Martine, Nicholas Cary, John Blondel, Nicholas de Lisle, John Lauerchaunt, John le Fener, Pierres Bonnamy, Nicholas Martin, John de la March Jurates: Sir Jaques Amy Deane and the Curates, did deliver before the Justice vnder the seale of the deane, and vnder the signes of the curats, a certaine act & sentence, the sum whereof was, that Katherine Cawches & her two daughters were found heretickes, and such they reputed them, and haue deliuered them to Justice, to doe execution, according to the sentence, of the which the tenor followeth.

The Sentence.

An.dom.millesimo, quing etesimo, quinquagesimo sexto, die vero.xiii. mensis Iulii apud Ecclesiam diui Petri in portu maris insula promotor, per nos Dominum Decanum inquisitio facta fiut de fide Catholica, & super Sacramenta Ecclesiastica, videlicet super sacramentum Baptismi, confirmationis, poenitentiae, ordinis, Matrimonii, Eucharistiae, & extremae vnctionis, nec non super ceremonias ecclesiae, ac de veneratione & honoratione beatae Mariae & sanctorum, de missa & eius efficacia, & de ceremoniis Ecclesiae, videlicet Katherinae Cawches, eiusdemq duaram filiarum Guilleminae & Parotinae nuncupataru, & harum tam coniunctim quam separatim & via iuris. Et quamuis pluries ad veniam petenda, & ad delicta sua cognoscenda "hortauimus & inuitauimus, quaequidem praedicta omnino negauerunt & negant, quod locutae fuerunt aliquod verbum inane, inhonestum, ociosum, & vanum contra fidem catholicam, Sacramenta Ecclesiae, & alias ceremonias Ecclesiae Quapropter auditis negationibus praedictarum, & attestationibus & depositionibus testium per nos visis, confideraris, de bene ponderatis, & per opiniones Curatoru & Vicarioria ibid et assiftenium super easdem Kather. & Parotinam, nec non & Guellemina crimine haeriticas inuenimus & reputamus, Quapropter coramvobis Domino Balfuo omnino remittimus tea remisimus, Thomas le Coll de mandato, Iohn Alles, Guillielmus Panquet, Petrus Tardise, & Iohannes Mantiel.

When this was done, commandement was given to the kings officers, to goe to the castle to fetch the said women, to heare the sentence against them in the presence afiresaid. And they appearing before them, said in the eares of al the auditory, that they would see their accusers, & know them that have deposed against them, because they might make answers to their sayings and personages, and to have their libel accordingly: for they knew not to have offended the maiesties of the kind and queene, nor of the church, but intirely would obey, observe and keepe the ordinances of the king and queene, and of the church, as all good and true Subiects are bound to doe. And for any breach of the king and queenes lawes that they had done, they required iustice. All which their reasons and allegations not withstanding, the said poore women were condemned, and adiudged to bee burnt, vntill they were consumed into ashes, according to a sentence giuen by Elyer Gosseline Bailiffe of the which sentence the tenour hereafter followeth.

The effect of the sentence in English.

The xvii. (or some other think the xxvii.) day of the moneth of July, 1556, Elier Goffelin Bailiff in the presence of Thomas Deuick, Pierres Martine, Nicholas Cary, John Bloundel, Nicholas Deuife, John le Marchaunt, John le Feauer, Pierres Bonamy, Nicholas Martine & Joh. de la March Iurates, Katherine Cawches, Perotine Massey, and Giullemine Guilbert, the said Perotine & Guillemine daughters to the said Katherine, are al condemned & iudged this day to bee burned, vntil they be consumed to ashes in the place accustomed, with the confiscation of all their goods mooueables, and heritages, to be in the hands of the king and queens maiesties, according and after the effect of a sentence deliuered in iustice, by maister Deane and the Curats, the 13. day of the moneth of July, in the yeare aforesaid, in the which they haue been approved heretickes.