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My thanks to everybody having taken the time to forward their comments to me - Paul Dobrée - Carey.

DeVic Carey - (Current Bailiff of Guernsey 1999): Congratulations on a good web site - we have had an interesting first browse - Best Wishes.

Ancestry Connections: I am pleased to present you with the Ancestry Connections Award, for your contributions to genealogy.

Genlinks: After reviewing your site, we found that your site had excellent genealogy content, innovative design, was easy of use, had good presentation, and used fast loading graphics. You have won our award... congratulations on a job well done.

Jack Burke: You have been awarded the Burke-Ansley Award for being an outstanding Genealogy Site. Congratulations for doing a great job on your Web Site. I have really enjoyed it.

Family History News Review : Interesting, and well laid out page devoted to the Carey family of Guernsey. Lots of interesting information on the family, right up to the present day, and many useful links to other Carey & Channel island sites. Rating *** FHN26

Stephen Foote : May I congratulate you on an excellent site. It really is one of the most comprehensive genealogy web sites I've come across - no less than one would expect from such an illustrious Guernsey family.

Alex Glendinning : Excellent site.

Pam Thomson : I had a wonderful time last weekend, going through the pages of information on your web site. I think one of my favourite things to do is clicking my way through the family members like you have in the library section.

Kay Cartney : Very nice site.

Marion Scherer : Nice to see a family history from Guernsey. Your site is very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing with us all.

Lou LeBoydre : Just checked out your site - very impressed - well laid out and informative, well done.

Debbie (Carey) Pansky: Interesting page.

Sharon Souder Cory : You have a beautiful sight. Very Impressive.

Chris M House : I have been looking at your website which is incredibly informative. Well done, and thank you especially for showing the old family pictures/portraits in Castle Carey! They are fascinating.

Wendy Castree : I took a very quick peek at your site a couple of days ago. You have done a wonderful job!!!

James Brannan : I was very interested in your home page

Nigel Clack : Impressive Site

Linda Wright : Your site is extremely interesting. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be able to trace your family back that far . And to always live in the same place. You must be so proud. Congratulations

David Carey : You've created a wonderful web site. I hope to visit the real sites some time.

Niel Carey : My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your website. While we had heard about the Careys in Guernsey, we had little information until being referred to your site by one of our family members. Thanks to your informative website, we would be very interested in visiting Guernsey when we next visit England. Again, our congratulations and thanks for providing an outstanding family website.

Jane Cleal (nee Carey): I have had great fun updating the family tree from the information on your site.  I always hoped someone would take on this task.  You are doing a wonderful job!!

David Bowley: I thought that the Carey web page was excellent.

Roy Smith: Congratulations on a magnificent site.

Carole M. Casterline Loos: I really enjoyed looking at your web site and it gives me an insight to the area where my ancestors may have left behind.

Odessa Elliott: I'm impressed with the Carey Tree Web site! Congratulations on a super lay-out and attractive graphics!

Leanna Smith Eversmeyer: The page with your family line is so neat - love the pictures! It would be great to learn of a connection to the Carey family.

Marguerite De Lisle Carey: I must say you are providing the family with a great service.

Rebecca Carey: I was so pleased to find your site - it is really wonderful.

Mary Blackburn: Very impressive page, I only signed on for a quick browse and was still looking through the pages 2 hours later. I was very impressed by the photos / portraits and how far back you can trace the family tree. What a privilege it would be to be a member of such an old family. Well Done.

James Lewis: This is the first time that I have managed to visit your site and I have got to say that I'm impressed knowing what work actually goes into it. Well done!

Willie Marais: Great to visit Guernsey all the way from Cape Town this morning - thanks.

Tiffany S. Carey: This is a very informative site. I wish for the same success with researching my roots.

Anne Chisholm: Wonderful family history. I am descended from Mary Carey and Rev Thomas Brock.

Thomas Carey: An excellent website and I was very impressed to find myself.

Shirley Carey: This is all very impressive. Well done Paul.

Dawn Walsh: I must congratulate you on your excellent website. I found it extremely interesting even though I am not related to the Carey family.

David Barlow: Having visited your web site I just wished to congratulate you on a magnificent job, meticulously done.

Justine Mackinnon: I must thank you for a very pleasant time I have spent looking at your website.

Dee Cary: Your web site is very interesting and you have done a lot of work. Congratulations.

Sean Carey: Very proud now to have the name Carey and laugh more when people call me Jim Carrey or Drew Carey.

Diane Nicholson: Thank you for a wonderful journey through your pages of history. Many thanks for letting me share such a well documented Carey Line.

Tony Carey: A really excellent web site which I found fascinating reading.

Dee Cary: A great website. Many congratulations. Keep up the good work!.

Janine Evans: So happy to have found this great site.. It looks terrific!

Pete Jorgensen: It was incredible to find this information about this side of my family - I can only imagine the time and effort you've put into this website.

Patrick F. Tupper: An excellent web site. I believe is the better genealogical site of the www. A multiform message. Very easy to use, instructive and warm.

John Carey: The site was very nice and interesting and well structured, I enjoyed it.

Dave Phillips: Great site! My wife is descended from Thomas Brock and Mary Carey. My next trip will be to the Channel Islands to see the historic islands.

Jillian Carey: Site looks great; clearly a lot of work was put into it!

Jane Carey: It has been a pleasure looking through your site and it has given me that little oush I needed to make a start on my direct family tree. Keep up the excellent standard

Kent Cary Thierfeldt: What a remarkable treasure your Careyroots website is. Thank you for all the work you expended to create such a masterpiece.

Sandra Guille: I recently read about James Guille along with your Pierre, John and Thomas Carey re the event of 1643, and I congratulate you on your presentation of this event on your site. Keep up the good work.

Crystal Carey: I was on the internet looking for info on the Carey's and found your web page. I just wanted to thank you for the information. I think you did a very good job on it.

Lisa Carey L'Archevesque: What an absolutely fabulous site you have. I added a link from mine to yours today also. Great info you have there, photos, etc.

Terry Lynn: What a wonderful website you have, how incredible you traced your family so far, this is one branch I was always anxious to complete, and most of it is done thanks to you.

John Carey: You have inspired me to look deeper into my history, many thanks.

Molly Carey: (Mother of six Careys, grandmother of 15, and greatgrand of 3) I am absolutely in awe at the speed with which your reply to my enquiry arrived, You are doing a great job with the web page. The computer, and connecting with you through it, have opened up an exciting new vista for me.