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Pierre Careye F19

Hon. Lieut.-General

bap. 7 Apr 1667 - bur. 24 Jan 1705

son of Isaac Careye
and Marie Renouf

Married: 25 Sep 1684

Marie de Beauvoir

b. 4 Jan 1666 - bur. 29 May 1748

daughter of Daniel de Beauvoir
and Marthe Careye (F3)


Marie (1685-1739)
Marthe (1687-1689)
Pierre (1689-1744)
Marthe (1693-1750)
Catherine (1694-1724)
Daniel (1696-1696)
Isaac (1697-1757)
Daniel (1700-1701)
Elizabeth (1701-1735)
Rachel (1703-1703)
Rebecca (1704-1787)

Pierre CareyeMarie de Beauvoir

Pierre was sworn in as Jurat on 27 Mar 1694. At that time the people of Guernsey were suffering from having to provide, as they had to several times before, not only lodging, but also pay for a battalion of English soldiers, which had been sent over to garrison the Island in view of an expected attack by the French. William III had just taken over the throne of England from James II, who was in exile in France, and had not despaired of regaining his throne with the help of the French. The States of Guernsey appointed Pierre to proceed as their Deputy to the King to represent to him the great expense caused to the Island from June 1696. The inhabitants had to submit to a monthly tax, all innkeepers had to take in two soldiers and tavernors had to take at least one, all at their own expense, and the burden became too great. On 6 Apr 1698, at the meeting of the States, Pierre was appointed, and on June 9, an order from the Privy Council reads:

'The Petition of Peter Carey, Esq., one of the Jurays of the Royal Court in Guernsey, imployed by the Estates of that Island, to present to His Majesty the difficulties they lie under by subsisting and lodging the garrison there, praying payment of about £1,344 due for subsisting six companies of Col. Mordant's regiment, and that for the future of the island might be exempted from such charges: referring the same to the Lords of the Treasury.'
( Treasury Papers 1698. )

The Petition was read and minuted on the 11th Oct 1698. Pierre was finally paid the expenses on 2 May 1700.