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Pierre Careye F8

bap. 13 Dec 1643 - bur. 9 Jan 1680

Married: 19 Aug 1669

Elizabeth de Sausmarez

b. 25 Aug 1652 - d. 23 Aug 1719

daughter of Elizee de Sausmarez
and Marie Agenor


Pierre (1670-1670)
Pierre (1672-1672)
Jeanne (1675-1675)
Elizee (1677-1686)
James (1679-1725)


Pierre Carey

Signed on 24 Jul 1662.
Signed on 24 Jul 1662

Signed on 23 Mar 1677.

Signed on 23 Mar 1677

Entries at the time in the Church Registers give the date of baptism only, but it was the custom at the time for the baptism to follow the birth within a day or two, sometimes even on the same day. His birth took place a very short time after his father's escape from Castle Cornet (see Pierre C5). Not surprisingly, his Godfather was Pierre De Beauvoir, one of his father's fellow prisoners in the castle.

Pierre matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 3 Apr 1663. Lord Clarendon wrote on Peter's behalf a letter to convocation in the following terms:

Worcester House, Junij 16, 1663.

Some of the principal persons of the university have represented to me that Peter Carey of Garnsey a student in Exeter College, the King having endowed a place there for the encouragement of the natives of that island and of Jersey. And yt having past the course of his studies in foreign universities, it would be somewhat hard to oblige him to the usuall course of the university for obteyning those degrees of which his owne partes and ye condicon of being the kinges scholler make him very capeable. This case being so p'ticuler I am assured you will not understand it as a breach of my former promise to you that I recomend him to you to be admitted upon such conditions as you think requisite to ye degree of Master of Arts.

I am, Mr Vicechanceler and gentn,
'Your very affectionate Servt,

From this letter, it would appear that Peter had already received part of his education at a foreign university, probably at Caen or Rouen, and that he had gone to Oxford on one of the Exhibitions founded by Charles I there for natives of the Channel Islands. It is not recorded whether the intervention of Lord Clarendon had any beneficial effect on his career, but he became a Fellow of the College in 1664, which Fellowship he held until 1670. he left an interesting Note-Book of his doings while at Oxford, jottings of expenditure, loans to friends, date of commencing to shave, gifts of rare coins to him and so forth.

Peter was ordained priest on 18 Apr 1669, and took over the Cure of St Saviour's Church on that day.

His will is dated 23 Mar 1678 and was proved 14 Jan 1681. In it he left silver 'ecuelles' or porringers to various relatives, to his wife a silver fork and spoon and 'une grande Equierre d'argent' probably an Aiguire or Ewer, and to the Rector of St Saviour's and his successors all his printed books, manuscripts, sermons, and notes. He bequeathed 50 ecus to the poor of St Saviour's.

His books and papers are still preserved at the rectory, and are taken over by successive Rectors. They are 207 in number and represented a considerable sum at the time, when printing was a costly affair.