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Isaac Carey

b. 14 Sep 1758 - d. 27 Jul 1828

son of Thomas Carey
and Michelle Falla

Married: 1 Dec 1779

Marguerite Tupper

b. 11 Jan 1760 - d. 22 Nov 1837

daughter of Elisha Tupper
Jurat of the Royal Court
and Margaret Tupper


A Mural Tablet can be seen in the Town Church, Guernsey.


The property of Le Vallon


Isaac CareyMarguerite Tupper


Isaac served as Constable of St Peter Port, being elected on 27 Nov 1783.

Isaac is mentioned in a list of Privateers belonging to Guernsey, as owner of a Cutter, 'Hero', of 10 guns, 50 men, which took, in 1780, 13 prizes to the value of £28,497 1s. 6d.

He purchased on 14 May 1785, from Abraham Naftel, the property at Hauteville. No. 16, later known as 'Mesnil Careye', the residence of Miss Edith Carey. It consisted in 1785 of 'a house, a laundry, garden and a building in the garden'. Isaac paid 38 quarters 2 bushels of wheate rente, or about £765 sterling.
On the pump behind the House are cast in the lead cistern the letters, 'I.C.'

On 14 Jun 1804, Isaac purchased from Nicholas David of St Martin's, the Vallon property, consisting then of 'a house, barn, cow-shed and a garden in which it was recorded previously in the Livre de Perchage of the Fief Sausmarez, of 1511, his ancester Jean (A6) had a house. Isaac added to the Vallon, and also his son and grandson and the property was also owned by Isaac's great-grandson, Victor Gosselin Carey - Bailiff of Guernsey.

In the Star of 28 July 1828 is recorded the death of Isaac, ' the day before,' at a very advanced age. He had been confined to his room for upwards of twenty years by the effects of a paralytic stroke. He had been able, however, to be present in Court to pass Contract for the sale to him by Daniel Hardy of a small rente on 8 Mar 1828.


NOTE:- In the Army lists of the period, a certain Isaac Carey appears as Ensign in the 17th Regiment of Foot, America, his commission being dated 7 July 1775; promoted Lieutenant 1776. This Regiment became the 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment in 1782. The similarity of the name and the suitability of his age might suggest that this was indeed Isaac (H9). However, this can be dispelled by this Isaac's widow applying for a pension in 1813, in which she is described as being lawfully married to her husband on 3 Jan 1788, and that they had had two daughters, Deborah Hammond and Charlotte.

Ref: Public Record Office, W.O. 42. C240 .