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Arthur Charles Carey


b. 27 Mar 1867 - d. 23rd Mar 1936

son of Alfred Henry Carey
and Emily Ellen Hunt

Married: 14 Jun 1910

Susan Maria Beyers

daughter of Ferdinand Paul Beyers
and Mimi Marse


Evelyn Susette Carey
Derek de Sausmarez Carey
Susan Elizabeth Carey

Arthur was educated at Bedford Grammar School after which he joined the staff of the Bank of England.
On the outbreak of the South African war, he enlisted as a Trooper in the Imperial Yeomanry, and served with distinction, receiving the Queens Medal with five clasps, and the King's with two clasps. This lead to obtaining a commission.
After the signing of peace, he settled down in the Orange Free State as a railway contractor, remaining there for twenty-five years.
Arthur then moved to Guernsey, where he purchased the old-established business of A. Martin & Son, Auctioneers and Estate Agents. His address being Windy Cottage, St Martin's, Guernsey.

Two diaries dated 1925 and 1926 have been found in South Africa and with the kind co-operation of Jill Allen, the entries are shown as follows:


Thu 9th Apr: "Jack Cunningham arrived from England - at Marina Hotel - He is going up country and could not start me - bitter disappointment."

Sat 25th Apr: "Slater advised me of job at Witness Office despatching literature on His Royal Highness. Started at 10.30am a 15/- per day."

Thu 30th Apr: "Pay received from de Vere (?) Circulating Department 25th to 30th 3.15.0. Paid CSH 3.10.0."

Fri 15th May: "Appointment with Dr May, Chapel St, Pmb. diagnosed Ulceration of Stomach have to undergo Medical Treatment at Greys Hospital later."

Wed 20th May: "Received from Natal Witness 14 days Salary 1-16 May 10.10" Sat 30th May: "Received from Natal Witness 10 day pay @ 15/- 21st-30th 7.17.6"

Wed 17th Jun: "Stopped work at Natal Witness - HRH job finished. Nothing more to be had."

Sat 20th Jun: "Received 9 from Natal Witness. 1st-15th June for work done on HRH. 15/- to come."

Thu 20th Aug: "Proceeded to Lions River work for Greathead & Ivins [?] at 30 pm & 10% Commission on profits (net). Arr. Lions River 4.40pm took room at Hotel at 7.10.0 pm"

Fri 21st Aug: "On the work all day with Ivins [?] 22 Boys out. Ivins paid Boys & gave passes to 3 Boys to Pmb."

Sat 22nd Aug: "Ivins left 1.45pm to Pmb. gave me 5/- for rail fare from Pmb to Lyons [sic] R. Paid rail on Boys Meat/Meal [?] 6d."

Sun 23rd Aug: "Warned Guard - Engine required 1st thing on Monday morning to pull down trucks & replace 3. Promised to be up at 9am."

Mon 24th Aug: "19 Boys out. Loosening up track. Engine came up 2.00pm to pull down trucks. Started pulling up track 2.15. 160ft Rails taken up. Not all loaded. had to build platform. Wrote to Greathead. Card to O.S.H."

Tue 25th Aug: "17 Boys out. too many small Boys to load rails in trucks dumped them on ground. Fork handles rail 2-1. Wire to Greathead 2-0. Boys knocked off to 5 only 8 lengths done. 320ft Track taken up."

Wed 26th Aug: "20 Boys out. Called boys ro six. 1st boy arrived at 7am. Full gang at 7.30. Loaded up 24-40' from yesterday. Loaded up 30-30' Rails. 280ft Track taken up & loaded."

Thu 27th Aug: "Called Boys 20 to 6 this morning. 14 arrived on work 10 to 7am. Remainder loafing. Loosening up rails. No loading. Engine arr. 10 to 7 - took away 2 Trucks Rails, 2 Trucks Sleepers, 1 Truck Key Chairs/Chains"

Tue 8th Sep: "Finished with Greathead at Lions River. 10.8.0 paid as Salary after expenses deducted. 8/- Expenses Lions R to Pmb. Saw J Dunn - Instructions to load Camp etc at Masons Mill. Recd: 30 Cash for expenses to Tayside."

Wed 9th Sep: "Started with J Dunn at 20 per month + 25% Commission. Nimmo had no empty trucks. Lees [?] had no Boys. Mason's oxen out plowing [sic] can't get them till tomorrow. Lees promised to let me have his Induna [Head Boy] tomorrow. no boys will go with me to Tayside. Got half year Car Licence 5."

Thu 10th Sep: "6 Boys from Lees @ 2/6 + 6 Food [?] Boys turned up 9am. Very slow work. Borrowed 6 Boys from Ivins at 11am (?) {Arthur's question mark this time.] Wagons very slow. Paid Lees Boys (5) 12/6. Car taken to Garage for repairs."

Fri 11th Sep: "Truck No 12101 D, 12068.D, 1787 B. 5.30pm finished loading Trucks. 8 boys from Lees. Paid Boys @ 2/6 17/6. Food for same 3/6. Induna bonsella [tip] 2/-. Paid Mason for hire of wagon (2 days 2). Mason to sell Petrol Cases & Tins."

Sat 12th Sep: "Made out Consignment notes for 3 Truck loads of Camp Equipmt. Nimmo charging Demurrage on Trucks!!! at Depot. Lees had no boys for me. Started by Car for Dundee 1.30pm. Arr. Mooi River 5.00pm - Tyre burst. Arr: Estcourt 6.00pm. Universal Joint gone wrong. Stop at Railway Hotel for night."

Sun 13th Sep: "Started from Estcourt 9.00am. Arr: Dundee 12 noon. Lunch at Royal Hotel, Dundee. Went to Tayside found Bradbury, returned Dundee. Put up at Royal."

Mon 14th Sep: "Went out to Tayside. Trucks not arrived. Went over part of work with Bradbury. McColl not arrived for Concrete. Sent wire to Dunn. Stayed at Royal hotel, Dundee."

Tue 15th Sep: "Went to Tayside. Trucks arrived - off loaded by Bradbury with 6 Boys. Demurrage charged at Pmburg: 1.2.6. Railage @ d per ton per mile 1.5.0. Wrote to G.M.Rates, Joburg, for Service Note. Went to Ganda Hall's Concert with Dr & Mrs du Toit. Dull day some rain."

Wed 16th Sep: "Rain all night - Rain this morning. Wrote African Motors, Durban, re changed address. Wrote J Dunn - M.E.L. Mason, Masons Mill - re sale of camp materials. 3 Boys arrived from Lees."

Thu 17th Sep: "Left Hotel Royal Dundee for Tayside, Bill 1.14.6. Arr Tayside 10am. Erected Hut. Have to Pay 5 p month for Messing at Camp."

Fri 18th Sep: "Bitterly cold morning. Went in to Dundee. Paid Garage 18/6 Vulcanizing Tyre & Repairs. Bought 1 Gal. Car Oil."

Sat 19th Sep: "Took rest of Camp out to 2nd Bridge P 13,500. Erected Huts for 30 Boys with 6 boys. Thomas arrived from Zululand and Maritzburg with no Boys. Laid out stocks for 6 Boys. Wrote Lees & C.S.H."

Sun 20th Sep: "Went out onto Work with Bradbury. Inspected Line up to Peg 28400. Selected sight [sic] for next Camp. Copying Plans of line into Book. Warm day - windy. Sent out Joseph with 2/- to hunt up Boys. Returned with none. 6 boys excavating 10 cy each none finished. Spr... to 13500."

Mon 21st Sep: "Joseph away Touting for Boys. Thomas & 7 Boys on task excavating at Peg 13500-400. Boys averaged 7.0 yds. 1 Cook. 10 Boys Total. Hot today. Took 2 Bags of Meal for No 2 Camp at Ch 13500."

Tue 22nd Sep: "Located centre line of centre Pier between 13500 & 12800. 8 Boys Task 10 cy. ! Boss. 1 Cook. 1 Boy marking out cutting. 1 Boy cutting drains & levelling 60 lead with Barrows."

Wed 23rd Sep: "Located centre line of pier for Bridge (13500-18800) Total Boys 17. 8 Boys Task ---. 1 Boss Boy. 1 Cook. 1 1 [looks unfinished] "

Thu 24th Sep: "Total boys 18. Thomas (B6[?]) 11 on Task. 2 Draining. I on Bank. 1 Carting 12 Barrows Coal from main Camp. 1 Cook. 1 Sick - 1 away (Alfred). Task. 8 Cubic Yds. Had to reduce Task [can't read word, could be 'struck'] oclip [?] & gravel - lead with barrows 120 yds. A.B. went to Pmb 8.15pm. Fine morning - cold night."

Fri 25th Sep: "Thomas & 10 Boys on Task Peg 13100 13200. 4 Boys Sick (George & Lazarus ran away - local Boys). (Alfred local ran away.) 1 Boy draining - 1 Cook. Task 8 c.yds. Total Boys 15. Got 20 from Dundee Bank to pay Boys. Simpson got me loan of Dumpy [?] level. Exchanged wattle poles (1"-2") for old iron. Joubert. Drizzly rain, turned fine cold evening."

Sat 26th Sep: "..Rec. 3 from Theunissen ret. 1.0.0." Sunday 27th: "...Wrote to J Macouley - Income Tax - Secretary for Lands - & C.S.H."

Mon 5th Oct: "20 Boys working, 12 Sick & Loafing. Boys deserting. Joseph returned with 5 boys. Arrested, jailed and fined 1. Bradbury sent 1.0.3 for 8 boys from Washbank.

Tue 6th Oct: " ......Bank badly done by July [?] - had to be remade. Joseph not at work." {Joseph off work for next three days.}

Sat 10th Oct: "Rang up Mrs Bradbury. Rang up Mrs Quigley. Surveyors Text Book Almanack."

Sun 11th Oct: "In Maritzburg. Returned by 9.53pm to Tayside. Arrived 7.30am." Monday 12th Oct: " ...Wrote J Dunn, Hluhluwe. Wrote J Lees, Pmb."

Mon 19th Oct: "......Phone Calls / J Dunn, Hilton & Pmb & Dundee 3/6."

Mon 23rd Nov: " ...Duvals Wagon to move Thomas to Mine 3 ores."

Tue 24th Nov: "Thomas & five Boys moved Camp to Mine with Duvals Wagon & started erecting Huts at 29400 ...."

Wed 25th Nov: "Heavy Gale & rains, work disorganized. Thomas' Camp blown away."

Thursday 26th Nov: " ......finished erecting Camp at Mine......."

Monday 14th Dec: "Moved my quarters to No 4 Camp, with Ackerman & Family."

Wed 23rd Dec: "Left Tayside 8pm for Pmb for Xmas."

Sun 27th Dec: "Left Pmb 9.53pm for Tayside. Held up at Nottingham Rd. 1.00am to 10.30am by derailment near Fountain Hall 14 Coal Trucks off Line. Transshipped. Arr. Tayside 6.15pm."

Thu 31st Dec: "Ordered 1 month's supply Groceries by Phone."