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The Carey Index contains the entire currently known Guernsey Carey family membership all descended from Jean Careye alive in A.D. 1393.
For those individuals not shown here such as those descended from the English or Irish Carey families, please use the Links page to find others doing research along these genealogical lines.
All current branches of the family tree use the surname of Carey. Prior to 1752, the previous spelling of Careye is used.
To respect the privacy of the relatives still living, the index has been cleaned of all personal details for individuals born within the last hundred years.

The Book of Surnames contains the individuals married into the family together with their parents where known and their children.

The History of the Carey Family details the origins of the family name and traces the earliest known records of the Carey family on the Island of Guernsey.

The Carey Crest provides the description of the family Arms and Crest and its registration with the Heralds College and subsequent amendment to denote the Guernsey branch as a separate branch of the Carey family.

Positions held by the family describes the varying roles the Carey ancestors have filled on the Island from the 1400's until present day.

Carey Library

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The Book of Surnames

The History of the Carey Family

The Carey Crest and Arms

Positions held by the Family

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