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Carey Castle: Pictures of the Carey Castle in Guernsey.

Escape from Castle Cornet: The story of Pierre Careye's personally written account of his dramatic escape with companions from Castle Cornet in 1643 during the beginning of the English Civil War.

The Carey Tower: Description of the Carey Tower as part of Castle Cornet in Guernsey.

The Book of Houses: The houses in Guernsey previously occupied or owned by members of the Carey family.

The Carey Vault: The Vault in Candie Cemetry built in 1835 by Marguerite Carey for her and her husband, Isaac Carey, which in turn was the final resting place of three generations of the Carey family. Includes a detailed plan of the vault and individuals.

Carey Library

Carey Castle

Escape from Castle Cornet

Carey Tower

Book of Houses

Carey Vault

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