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Guest Book: Please feel free to add your comments to the Guest Book.

Book of Comment: View comments left by individuals in the Guest Book having visited this site.

Branch Charts: Access the branch charts providing details of each of the branches of the family tree since A.D. 1393. In order to view the charts, you will need to already have access to the Superchart program as part of the Generations Family tree package.

History of the Calendar: A guide to understanding the Christian Calendar and the various changes made to it. Important to Genealogists in reading dates correctly during the Seventeenth century.

Family Autographs: Signatures of various family members since the 1500's obtained from old documents and wills.

Battles and Medals: Of the many British Campaigns that have taken place, members of the Carey family have been present at the battles and some were honoured with Medals and Awards.

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