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Le Mauxmarquis, Guernsey

Nicholas Careye (B1) was a large landowner and a list of his properties was included in a Book of Rentes of 1607.

We find on Page 37:

'Nicolas Carey holdeth in this parish the fee of Montmorquis (Mauxmarquis) for which he doth owe to his Matie fealty homage and full relief when it happeneth, vidct 1x sols j den. tournois and attendance at the three capitall pleas of the Court of our Soverain Lord the King'

Le Mauxmarquis


A Book of Rentall concerning all the Rentes, Revenues, Customes, Duties and Services to be paid and performed to the Kings Matie within the Isle of Guernezey, Alderney, Serke, Arme and Gethowe, percell of his highness possessions of the antient Duchie of Normandie.

Page 5

Of Nicolas Carey Sonne of Nicolas for a Windmill at Livreuse per annum viij Ecus money.

Page 7

The heirs of Nicolas Carey Senior for the Rent of a cloase of Land happening by the Escheate of John du Gaillard. x gros money.

Page 20 - St Martin Belleuze

Item the Provost of the fee Hailla oweth yearly for the Rent dewe to the said fee XXX denerel of wheat great measure and viij couple of Chikens. And the lands of the said fee owe Campart, of the which fee Nicholas Carey, as seised of the inheritance of Richard Guille, doth receave the third. So the portion to the King's Rent dewe in Regard of this fee is ... xx denerel wheat great measure, v couple of Chikens & 2/3 of a Chiken.Also there is dewe to his Matie for the rent of the abbey and fee of Blanchelande yearly lxx Ecus money, vidct, every Ecus valewed at ij sols vj den. Sterling

Page 22

Rents of Lands graunted by the late Queen's Commissioners in Anno 1597 fee farmes, Nicolas Carey of St, peter Port assignee to Henry Macham for land by the said Macham amongst other purchassed lying in this Parish and other purchassed lying in this Parish and other parcel of the rent of 19 sols 8 den. sterling per annum.

Page 26 - The Parish of the Forest:

The Rents and RevenuesNicolas Carey, sonne of Nicolas, for the rent of the Mill of Petibock (Petit Bot) per annum ij Ecus sterling.

Page 31 - Rents escheated

Nicolas Carey sonne of Nicholas for the heritage of Amon Vidamour having his reliefs upon all those that hold of the heritage of the said Vidamour. j cabotel Wheat, j gros money.

Page 33 - St Andrewe: The Rents and Revenues.

Chief Rentes. Also the Provost of the fee de Haulla being a member of the fee of Maumarqui is to collect and receave of the Tenants of the said fee yearly at Michaelmas onely, and to pay the same to his Majesties Receiver.

Page 34

Nicolas Carey sonne of Nicolas for the Rent of a Mill which he holdeth in fee ferme of his Majestie called des nios iiij Ecus money every Ecus valewed at ij sols vj den. sterling at per annum. x sols sterling.

Page 39 - St Sampson: Chief Rents

Nicolas Carie for the rent of a Bouvée of ground in this Parish adjoigning to the country of Noirmont called le Bouvée de Roy per annum. v sols sterling.The same Nicolas for a percell of Ground surrounded with the sea called les Dikes. v sols sterling.

Page 71 - The Valle within the Cloase: Rents of Lands

Henry Macham for John Devicke in full of xix sols viij den. sterling for his like purchases in the lands of the market of St Peter's Port and St Martin's vj sols viij dem. sterling payable by Nicolas Careye which is before charged in the parish of St Peter's Port per annum. xiij sols sterling.