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Normanville, La Couture Guernsey

Noted in the Livre de Perchage in 1573, the house was owned by Jean de Vic, fils Richard - husband of Anne Careye (B2).

On 24 Jun 1594, after fourteen years of marriage, Anne died, people said from the effects of witchcraft.

A month later, an unfortunate woman, Marie Salmon, née Martin, was tried, condemned and burnt at the stake. She was accused for having, amongst other crimes, 'annoyed, tormented and caused to die by the art of sorcery, Dame Anne, wife of Mr Jean de Vic.'



Further Notes:

Anne De Vic left three daughters, who married respectively James De Havilland (one of the prisoners of Castle Cornet, with Pierre Carey and Pierre de Beauvoir), William Briard and Phillippe de Beauvoir.
Six months after her death, Jean De Vic was married again to Elizabeth, daughter of Nicolas Pageot, and their only son, Henry de Vic, became French Secretary to Charles I, was created a Baronet on 3 September 1649, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter in 1660, was English Chargé d'Affaires at Brussels for many years, and on his death in 1671 was buried in Westminster Abbey.