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Le Vallon, Guernsey

On 14 Jun 1804, Isaac Careye H9 (1758 - 1828) purchased from Nicholas David of St Martin's, the Vallon property, consisting then of ' a house, barn, cow-shed and a garden ' in which it was recorded previously, in the Livre de Perchage of the Fief Sausmarez, of 1511, his ancester Jean Careye A6 had a house.

Isaac added to the Vallon, and also his son and grandson and the property was also owned by Isaac's great-grandson, Victor Gosselin Carey - Bailiff of Guernsey.

Le Vallon circa 1936

Rear View of Le Vallon 1996
Le Vallon 1996

Le Vallon Archway
The great archway - entrance to Le Vallon
with the Merchant Mark of Peter Carey A27

Le Vallon Front Doorway
The front entrance with the Carey Crest
set into the stonework above the door